About us


Welcome to LMAO Video!

Launched silently on September 1st 2020 to bring you a website that hopefully you found somewhere on social media, clicking a video that made you laugh and came here to watch some more. That is the idea of LMAOVideo.com, to provide you with hours upon hours of humorous videos and laughs.


Why don't I just use Youtube or Tiktok for my laughs?

Every single video uploaded is checked, if it doesn't at least crack a smile amongst our depressed review team, it will be denied and deleted. Our aim is to create the largest funny videos library, updated and maintained by our members. As with Youtube, Tiktok and many other video sharing websites, anyone can upload a video. The difference with LMAO Video is all videos are checked before going live, you will only see the best! If it is laughter you want, LMAOVideo.com will be a website you frequent regularly.


Make money by donations and advertising revenue.

Become a member for free and start uploading funny videos right away. Enable "Monetization" and earn revenue each time an advert is clicked on your videos.

Collect donations directly into your PayPal account via the "Donation" button that appears under each video you publish.

Share your videos on social media and earn revenue from the traffic you bring to our website. The more your share, the more you will earn!


It's a video sharing community website

Upload, comment on, share and rate other members' videos. Personalize your profile and chat with other members via instant message. Subscribe to members profiles and build an activity feed of videos you love.